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(Desserts) Cookies (Kurabie)

For someone with an incurable sweet tooth, here a recipe for kurabie, a tender and crumbly butter cookie that finds ancestors from Greece to Egypt. The word kurabie is very likely derived from Greek karabion, meaning “boat,” hinting at the traditional shape of the cookie being a small crescent. Nowadays these cookies are eaten all around Albania.

    1 cup of yogurt 
    3 eggs 
    1 cup of sugar 
    1/2 cup of butter 
    1 teaspoon of baking soda 
    2 packs of vanilla or the peel of half of a lemon  
    1 kg (about 35 ounces) of flour.  

Servings: 4

KurabieMix the baking soda in the yogurt, add the above mentioned products one by one and prepare the dough. With hands covered with melted butter take pieces of the dough and shape into ovals about the size of a walnut, then place them on a butter covered baking pan and leave spaces in between each piece of dough. From above cover the pieces of dough with beat eggs, sprinkle sugar and cook in a medium-heat oven.

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