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Albania: the land of the Eagle

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  Known for its (ancient old) cultural richness.

  The pearl of the Balkan.

  Ancient old unesco villages.

  Splendid, white beaches and not too crowded.

An extensive (travel) guide for those who have plans, or are interested in a visit to Albania; a mediterranean country located in the Balkan area, near the Adriatic/Ionian sea. Read more

Albania & Tourism

Visit Albania | GjirokasterWhy would anyone spent some time on a short stay e.g. a holiday in Albania? Well that easy to answer. To mention a view reasons, its splendid yet unspoiled beaches, ancient old cultural heritage, its local cuisine or its overwhelming nature sceneries ranging from stunning coastlines to impressive mountain ranges. And a lot more.

Albania, after the dictatorship it suffered from, for more than 50 years, sets itself free in the first years of the last decade of the former century. Albania after that remained quite a while in an impoverished state, but nowadays, while heading to a membership of the European Union, is climbing uphill. One example of that is the completely new built airport near Tirana (Nënë Tereza) and in general the constantly improving infrastructure. Slowly the county gains western European levels and because of its unique character and hospitality of its inhabitants all of that has a profound effect on tourism.

Tourists nowadays origin from its neighbouring countries and eastern European regions. But the number of visitors stemming from Western Europe as well as the United States is rising substantially. The possibilities for having a pleasant stay are numerous.

Wikipedia: Backpackers are common and prefer resting at hostels, camping in the countryside or along the coast. Organized groups visit the numerous archaeological sites and historic towns. A growing trend has become canyon rafting, cycling and mountain biking, hiking, or off-road touring in the countryside. The latter can also be explored through the adventurous Albanian railway system. Recently, car rental agencies, tour operators, and tourist information centers have opened branches in the capital and other towns. Dental tourism has become popular as local dentists offer services with much lower prices. Local delicious cuisine can be tasted at traditional Albanian restaurants located near tourist attractions and scenic spots throughout the country.
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About this site….

This website is entirely dedicated to support a stay (holiday) in Albania, the ‘new kid on the block’ for tourism. Albania is a country in the southeast Balkan region next to the Ionian, Adriatic sea. On this site You will find information you need for an unforgettable holiday or a (short) stay, in ‘the land of the Eagle’, as their inhabitants like to call it. You will find in various sections (highlights , cities) extended information about Albania and in particular its wonders of nature. You will find there topics on ancient old cities (Gjirokaster and Berat) and other most interesting UNESCO sites (Himara, Apolonia). Furthermore information on of course its splendid nature quote:‘The scenery is amazing – huge mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines, and everything in between.’ Other sections will tell you about travelling to Albania, staying in the country and travelling around (your stay), It contains topic on the various possible outdoor sports (mountain climbing, hiking and trekking). It also contains tips about the best beaches, local food and shopping.

travel guide would not be complete with more practical information about topic on visa, insurance, important phone numbers and amongst others, what to do when you’re ill. Travelogues, photo reports and above all our Forum will enrich the shaping of your upcoming travel to one of the ‘pearls’ of the Mediterranean.